Who Can’t Hypnotize Whom?

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Hypnotist Robert Saviola. Photo: Buffalo News

Hypnotherapy and you, a powerful combination if you want to change your life?

Find yourself in a situation you are unable to break? Hypnosis is for you.

While hypnosis can accomplish many things, there are limitations. If a hypnotist asked you to do something you would not do under normal circumstances, you are not going to do it under hypnosis. Flying? Not unless you hurl yourself off a cliff.

Unless you are willing to be hypnotized, no one that can hypnotize you. It always requires the cooperation of the person being hypnotized.

Milton Erickson was a famous hypnotist. A doctor came to discuss whether hypnotists required licensing in Arizona. The doctor said he was not going to allow Mr. Erickson to hypnotize him.

After trying for 30 minutes to hypnotize the doctor, Mr. Erickson brought in his secretary. Immediately hypnotizing her, he ordered her to stand in front of the doctor until the doctor went into hypnosis.

Returning 10 minutes later, he found the doctor on the couch fully hypnotized.

You see the doctor had made a literal statement. He told Mr. Erickson he was not going to allow Mr. Erickson to hypnotize him. Mr. Erickson complied and had his secretary hypnotize the doctor. The doctor enjoyed a pleasant hypnotic experience. He became a  booster of hypnosis.

We were not born with the negative habits we have learned. We become the person we program ourselves to be. If we do not like that person, we should fault ourselves. To change means understanding how and why you became the way you are.

We only use 5 percent of the brainpower available to us.  Just 10 percent of that 5 percent is our conscious mind. Ninety percent is our subconscious. To effect change, it must occur within the subconscious. The subconscious, which does not know right or wrong is our hard drive that stores everything about us.

Change means creating new imagery within the subconscious. Once it receives the image, behavior changes.

The commitment to being a better person may call for hypnosis sessions and the passage of time to alter your behavior.

If you want to try hypnosis, expect a pleasant, relaxing transition.

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