When You Get Over the Shock of Violation, Then What?

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

[img]2088|right|Nicholas Pollak||no_popup[/img]When I returned home after visiting a client in Beverly Hills, my dogs had been pepper sprayed and my office and two bedrooms had been ransacked.

A huge mess.

While cleaning up everything — after waiting five hours for the police — my wife and I discovered most jewelry and cash I had accumulated over 35 years (with a high monetary value and emotional significance) had been taken. Thankfully, she only lost small inexpensive articles.

Calling the insurance company, we found to our dismay that due to policy limitations, we would receive merely 10 percent of the value of all that was stolen.

We were lucky. Our dogs were traumatized but alive. The burglars had been quick. They took only what they could carry. They left our computers, TVs and other large items. We are grateful.

At first I could not believe what had happened. As I walked through the house, I saw more of what they had done. Still it took a few minutes to process what I was seeing. I reacted as people do in stressful situations. I was not believing what I was seeing. Then I became angry, cursing everybody and everything. I began to feel I could not trust any person I saw or knew. I looked at every stranger. Had this one or that one been our burglar?

As the feelings of violation passed, I accepted what had happened. Time to move on. What I had lost never could be replaced.

Hypnosis Helps Restore Normalcy

I began to use my hypnosis skills to calm down. If I cannot change what happened, I can make sure that this does not happen again. To that end we now have a whiz bang security system, which we hope will prevent further burglaries.

When clients come to see me, I spend time on their issues. Not much on their past, though, because we cannot change it. We move forward by ensuring we do not repeat the same mistakes. Always it is better to focus on what you can do something about. What do you want to do with your life?

Focusing on the person you want to be is a better approach.

Create a plan of work. Work the plan. That is the key.

It is equally important to believe that you can gain what you want. Once you start to picture it, see it, believe in it act as if you have gained it, you soon will find you have accomplished it or are close.

This transformation requires a belief you can accomplish what you desire. The way you were was a result of the way you had thought in the past, the way you were raised, the decisions you made.

Change that to become the person you want to be. A big difference. Remember, hypnosis can help you with this effort. Hypnosis helps your subconscious to process, picture and ultimately act.

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