So You Want to Make Changes?

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A new client wanted to find out what she could expect from a hypnotherapy program. She was at a crossroads in her life. She wanted to make big changes. She had tried before but failed.

Every time she made progress she would slip back.  I told her why.

We have trained our subconscious to respond in certain ways. If you do not like the way you act, you would want to change, but your desire is a conscious one. You will be unsuccessful until the change becomes subconscious. Of the brain power we have available, we use no more than 5 percent. Of that 5 percent, 10 percent is your conscious and 90 percent your subconscious. You can see why the subconscious needs to change.

Here was my plan for her. First session: we would talk about her background, what she wanted to accomplish. We would talk about suggestibility, important for a hypnotist to help a client. There are two types of suggestibility.  One is direct and literal, the other is alluding to or inference.

All of us communicate in a mixture of the two. One usually is more dominant.

As a hypnotist, I need to know which is more dominant so I can ensure the suggestions are given in the correct way during hypnosis.

Second session: This would cover the differences in behaviors. Two kinds of people, physicals and emotionals. Physicals are outgoing people. Emotionals are cool, detached, shy socially. The idea is for her to understand her behaviors and to feel more confident in any setting.

Thirdly, we cover the theory of the mind. I show the client how to transform from the programmed behaviors  he or she was getting to the programmed behaviors the person desires. A huge difference.

The last three sessions take place over six weeks. We make certain the client is getting the sought-after changes. If not, we reinforce what needs to be done.

My prospective client asked why her years with a psychologist had not worked. It has been noted that often a client seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist can take 600 sessions to accomplish what a hypnotherapist can in six to 10 visits.

Meeting with a psychologist or psychiatrist, you are talking conscious to conscious. With hypnotherapy, conscious to subconscious. The subconscious does not know what is bad or good. It accepts and stores what it sees and what happens to you. Always, the conscious mind decides wrong or right.

The subconscious accepts the new behaviors you are introducing, training it to give you those behaviors in place of the behaviors you want to change. All you would want to do is be aware of what you want to change and how. Then you act as if you already gained the adaptations.

Remember, you never can do anything you do not want to do under hypnosis. If you won’t do it when conscious and awake, you will not do it under hypnosis.

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