My Aching Back Is Back. Now What?

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In just a few days, I will once again be on the operating table — my third back surgery. This one, though, is not as serious as the first two. It will still hurt. I know this because I have watched videos of the surgery to be performed. I saw the tissue damage that will occur.

This time I had to see a different surgeon because my last one was not a member of the correct network of physicians.

After my MRI, the surgeon showed me what was causing my pain just as another surgeon had said tome four years before. He could not understand why I was not screaming in pain or swallowing handfuls of painkillers.

I told him about a study where two groups were offered alternatives for the treatment of their chronic pain. The first were given pain medications and the second offered hypnosis.

Results were astounding. After two years the group taking pain medication had increased the medication but their pain had not declined. The second group, using hypnosis 20 minutes daily, was not taking any medication. Their pain level plunged 85 percent. Some said their pain vanished.

We are capable of so much with our minds. Most of us do not believe the potential.  Just giving yourself the opportunity to see what you can do may be a life-changer. Always the questions are of attitude and focus.

After my last surgery that I was sitting on my bed, upset at all the things I thought I could not do. After a while, though, I became angry with my negative attitude. I began to focus on what I could do.  I was surprised by the change in my attitude as well as finding out that I could do much more than I suspected.

I explained to the surgeon I had hypnotherapy techniques to deal with my back discomfort without the need for pain medication. He was impressed. I showed him pain control techniques.

Once you understand how they work and how to hypnotically apply these skills, within a short time of repetition, you will find them effective.

  1. Imagine the pain is a bright orange flame within a box. Put a lid on the box. The flame will extinguish. So will your pain.
  2. Imagine your pain is a black ball that you move from your pain area to the palm of your hand. Crush the black ball. Blow it away. The pain will blow away with it.
  3. Imagine your hand is becoming ice cold. Touch it to the pain area. By touching you transfer the cold from you hand to the area of pain. As the cold transfers, the pain eases and disappears.

These techniques do not always work straight away. You need to practice. After awhile, with consistent practice these techniques eventually will eliminate your pain quickly, naturally, easily.

For help, call a good hypnotist.

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